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Why be on the Web?

Does your professional image require it? How many ads do you see any more that don't include a URL? From the latest e-businesses to the most traditional brick-and-mortar types, companies everywhere are recognizing that simply having a web site makes them appear more knowledgeable and up-to-date. If "everyone" but you has a web site, what does that say about you?

Does your business need to reach more customers? Who doesn't need to increase sales? Millions of people access the Internet every day. Every day they purchase goods on line. Even more, they research on line what they plan to buy off line. If they're not seeing your web site, they're seeing your competitor's. It's not important whether or not you want to be on line. If your customers and prospective customers want you to be there, you need to be there.

Do you want to penetrate new markets? You've identified your target market. Now imagine if you could reach not only that market, but others you haven't even considered...for the same price. With a web site, you cost-effectively increase your geographic and demographic reach. Let them pre-qualify themselves, and come to you.

Are you looking for ways to save time and money? How many incoming phone calls does your company receive every day? Let your web site do the work. It's always open, even while you're asleep.

Do you need to expand your recruiting efforts? You're not alone. Qualified, savvy candidates job-hunt on line. Direct them to your web site to advertise the positions you have available and catch their attention with the latest news about your business. Let them know that you're a leader in your industry.

Would you like to provide more information to customers, suppliers, or stockholders? Imagine the savings in time, money, printing costs, and even postage if your partners could find the information they needed on line, at their convenience, in your chosen format.

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